Antonio Rosales
Antonio has been running for over 20 years. He spent most of high school years running cross country and track & field. He was also part of Play Production in high school. Acting is a big part of his life  as is fitness. He enjoys the competitiveness of it all. For him high school was almost 20 years ago, he still races at the top level, gets up early to get his miles in and in the evening get a few more in before he finishes his say with some crossfit or extensive core work. He is an Endurance Coach at the Crossfit gym he is a member of and a CPT. During the times he is not running or doing anything physical he just likes to laze around and watch tv or just sleep or maybe go out have some pizza, hamburgers, tacos maybe or anything thats associated with junk food. Hes a chill guy and he enjoys life, and helping people reach their goals whatever they may be!


CPT-ExpertRating Meisner Student-Lally Or Lally Acting School Endurance Coach-MBX Athletics Crossfit Coach-MBX Athletics
Instagram: Alsosear37