Alessandra Bonetti
Practicing Yoga postures and breath is a way for me to settle the chatter of the mind.  Not only does it condition, open, and strengthen my body, it offers an awareness and presence in myself and the world that allows me to live more fully.  My desire is to share that practice with you in the most convenient way possible.  That's why I'm here: to bring my practice and everything it offers me, to you.  I want to make your decision to deepen or start your practice as easy as possible. 
My style of teaching is a blend of Vinyasa, and Hatha, where we take time to ground, settle in and breathe, then flow, connecting movement to breath, and also hold some postures to work on alignment.  You can expect to break a little sweat, and feel more open, centered, and relaxed.  
I became certified in 2011 from YogaWorks in the Pacific Palisades, CA.  I currently live and teach in Los Angeles, CA.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting University of Southern California School of Dramatic Arts YogaWorks 200-hour
Instagram: namastayjoyful
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