Nika Eshetu
Nika Eshetu knows first hand the benefits of fitness and specifically Pilates. After receiving a kidney transplant, Nika discovered Pilates, a fitness practice which transformed her body, gave her renewed energy, and helped her reach her fitness goals that once seemed unattainable. Inspired to help others become empowered through fitness and reach their fitness goals, Nika set out to become a Pilates instructor. Nika is also a specialty trainer. Her foundation started with Pilates and then grew to include a wide range of other sports and fitness specializations.


450 hour Pilates Teacher Training Program ( PMA Certified) NASM Certified Personal Trainer EBFA Master Instructor Titleist Performance Institute Level 3 Golf Fitness Specialist Neurokinetic Therapy Level 1 Certified FMS Certified K-Vest Certified Rocktape FMT 1&2
Instagram: fthenorm
Facebook: fthenorm
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