How it works?

Step 1

Watch free

From the Video Stream screen, watch FREE live & archived broadcasts from Pros all over the world.

Step 2

a Pro

On the Pro Search screen, you can review and compare profiles for dozens of Pros for popular fitness activities like yoga & personal training, or health topics like dieting and health coaching.

Step 3

a Session

After you find the right Pro, click on Book a Session and then select your preferred time. After the appointment time has been confirmed, you pay with a credit card right through the app.

Step 4

Join your
Video Session

Your Pro will initiate a video chat call at the appointed time. Just make sure to have your smartphone or tablet available and logged into the app prior to the call.

Step 1

Build Your

A robust profile underscores your credentials and emphasizes your unique approach.

Step 2

a Workout

Give Client users a taste of a workout with you to garner more followers and appointments.

Step 3

Respond to Client
Session Request

Clients contact you directly through the app with session requests. You can accept the Client’s proposed time or counter with another.

Step 4

Initiate Client
Video Sessions

At the agreed time, Pro initiates the video chat call through the app.

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