Top Questions

Do I have to pay to use Fitscope?

Fitscope does NOT charge any fees for Client or Pro users to join. Watching live & archived streaming video is also FREE. For Clients the only cost is for live, 1-to-1 video sessions which are paid for in advance with a credit card that can be set up in the Wallet section (Profile > Wallet). Each Pro sets his or her consultation price, which is listed in the Pro’s profile.

What is a live, 1-to-1 video session?

If you book an appointment, the Pro will call you via a video call through the Fitscope app. At the appointed time, please be connected to Wi-Fi and have the Fitscope app open and the Pro will initiate the video call. Your phone should ring and you may answer by selecting the green button.

How do I search?

You can search Pros as well as the livestream & archived broadcasts. When you log in, the app defaults to your livestream homepage. If you then select the world icon, you can search videos by selecting desired category on the menu bar across top of screen. If you are logged in as a Client, selecting the magnifying glass icon on the bottom menu bar will take you to the Pro Search screen. By default, the top menu bar will be set to ALL, showing all Pros. You may sort Pros by selecting a particular category on the top menu bar.

Can I contact a Pro before booking?

Yes, from the Pro’s profile, select the envelope icon which opens a message field. Please feel free to ask questions before booking.

How do I change my profile information?

Members can update their profile by selecting the Profile icon > Profile. All information entered at signup may be edited.


Client FAQ

Am I a client?

If you are in the market to find a health or fitness professional such as a personal trainer or dietician then you should register as a client.

Who can see my profile?

Client profiles can only be seen by Pros with whom you request an appointment.

How do I make an appointment?

Select a Pro by clicking on their profile either from the Pro Search screen or select BOOK NOW from a livestream or archived video.  Then confirm the price by checking the Video Session box on next screen and select NEXT.  Then select the time and hit the SEND APPOINTMENT REQUEST button.  The request will be sent to the Pro, who can accept, reject or suggest another time.  Once the time is confirmed, you must pay via credit card prior to the appointment time otherwise the Pro will not be able to initiate the video call with you.

How do I pay for an appointment?

Pay by going to the Profile screen  > Scheduled Sessions > Upcoming and touch the 3 dots to the right of the appointment.  A PAY button will appear at bottom of screen.  Select the PAY button and you will be taken to Wallet where you select the credit card you have stored.  If you have not set up your Wallet, select Add Card and enter credit card details.  After entry of credit card info, just touch the added card number, and your session will be billed.  Credit card purchases are processed through Stripe (more info at

What is “following” a Pro?

You may follow Pros by touching the person icon on the Pros profile.  Once you start following Pros, any livestream they broadcast will automatically be added to your home screen.

How do I rate a Pro?

After every appointment, you will receive a message asking you to rate your Pro.  Once you log on, go to Profile > Scheduled Sessions > Attended and tap on the 3 buttons to the right of the appointment. A  RATE PRO button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Pro will be able to post a response to your review.

Can I get a refund?

You may request a refund up to 24 hours after the appointment or until you rate your Pro.  Refunds will only be considered for technical reasons or in the event the Pro does not initiate the appointment.  Request a refund by going to Profile > Scheduled Sessions > Attended and tapping the 3 dots to the right.  A REFUND REQUEST button will open at bottom.  If you have already rated your Pro, this option will no longer be available. Once you have submitted the request, we will contact the Pro as well as email you to ascertain if the request conforms to our policy.




How will I get new clients?

Because client sessions are through video calls, your potential client base spans the whole country, not just your local community.  The best way to attract clients in Fitscope is through the strength of your profile as well as livestream broadcasts.  The broadcasts are a way to promote yourself and give the clients a taste of what an appointment with you would be like.

How do I create a livestream broadcast?

The camera icon on the bottom menu bar opens the broadcast screen.  Enter a title for the broadcast, select the category and add search tags (optional).  Then select START BROADCAST at bottom of screen.  Livestream broadcasts can last up to 15 minutes, and you may have up to 10 available at any one time.  Clients can view your broadcasts are available from your profile, from the home screen and from the Video Stream screen.

How do I delete a broadcast?

From Profile > My Videos, swipe left which will reveal a DELETE button.

Can clients follow me?

Yes, clients can follow Pros, which means that every time you broadcast a livestream video it will automatically be available on the home screens of your followers.

Can I work from home?

Yes, since all appointments are held through video calls initiated through the app, you can work anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

How do I contact clients?

On the client’s profile you my select the envelope icon to send them a message.

How do I schedule an appointment with a client?

Clients begin the appointment process by selecting the BOOK NOW button either from your profile or from a livestream or archived video.  You will receive a message in the app as well as an email with the name of the client and the time they are requesting.  You may respond by opening the app and going to Profile > Scheduled Sessions > Pending and tapping on 3 dots to the right side of the Client pic.  At the bottom of the screen your 3 response options are ACCEPT, REJECT or REQUEST TIMECHANGE.

How do I start a client appointment?

At the appointed time open the app and go to Profile > Scheduled Sessions > Upcoming and tap the 3 dots to the right of the appointment.  Be sure you are connected to WiFi.  At the bottom of the screen select START SESSION.  If you lose connection or want to take a break during the video call, you may hang up anytime.  To continue the call, tap the 3 dots on the right and select CONTINUE SESSION.  Once the session is over, after hanging up by pressing the red button, be sure to tap the 3 dots on the right and select FINISH SESSION.  You must select FINISH SESSION to initiate the process to GET PAID.

How and when do I get paid?

In order to get paid you need to enter the information for the bank account you want your earnings paid into.  From the Profile screen select GET PAID and enter the requested information including the bank routing and account number.  Also your SSN is requested for tax purposes.  This information is stored by Stripe (more info at as they handle our payment processing and tax reporting.  Assuming the Client does not request a refund, the payment process begins 48 hours after you select FINISH SESSION, but this could be delayed based on weekends and bank holidays.

What revenue percentage do I get paid?

Pros get paid 80% of session cost billed to the Client, so keep this in mind when you set your session prices.

Am I considered an employee or independent contractor?

Pros are independent contractors.

Are payroll taxes withheld?

Payroll taxes are not withheld for independent contractors.  However, per IRS regulations, Form 1099-k will be sent in January if Pros earnings exceed $20,000.

Is there a client refund policy?

Clients may request a refund up to 24 hours after the appointment.  Refunds will be considered for technical reasons or in the event the Pro does not initiate the appointment.  If a Client does request a refund, we will contact both the Pro and the Client to understand if a refund is warranted.  In the event the Client charge is refunded, the Pro will receive no payment for the session.

What is the review process?

Clients receive an invitation to review after you have selected the FINISH SESSION button.  Pros can view and respond to reviews by going to Profile > Reviews.


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