Fitscope was founded on the belief that wellness can be integrated into our busy schedules far more easily and in a less costly and time consuming manner. By leveraging mobile phones and tablets, there is no longer a need to actually travel to a gym, fitness studio or clinic for many types of workouts or health consultations.

Video conferencing can enable fitness instructors to guide you through structured workout as if you were actually there in the gym, without the commute time and membership hassles. Similarly, why bother driving to a clinic and waiting for dieting or homeotherapy consultations when you can have a face-to-face consultation at home via Wi-Fi?

By delivering health & fitness services through video consultations, Fitscope is bringing experts from all over the country to your phone or tablet. The Fitscope services marketplace connects you to talented health, fitness & wellness experts by merely downloading an app. Don’t let gym memberships and clinic waiting rooms keep you from achieving your wellness goals. Join Fitscope today!